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Dog and Puppy Training


delivered via ZOOM


These are for dogs that have graduated from our Puppy Foundation and Foundation Courses and  include several levels of ability. These classes take place in South Norwood only.


* Junior

* Advanced

* The Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards are included in the above classes.



All breeds and crossbreeds are welcome! We even have experience with deaf and blind puppies and dogs. We keep our classes small to give each owner and dog the time and attention they need to make good progress. We only use kind and positive training methods, and do not allow the use of check chains, prong/pinch collars, e-collars and similar!

* 7-week courses - South Norwood or East Dulwich venues or delivered online


* One 2-hour introduction session (without dog) and six 45-minute sessions (with dog) for puppies and adult dogs


* Class specific Facebook group with videos for each session, as well as general WTDT Facebook group.  

 Videos also available on YouTube if you are not on Facebook


* Basic obedience and handling (sit, down, stand, recall, stay, walking nicely, body examination etc)


* Controlled and supervised socialisation with other puppies/dogs and with people (and the option to take part in organised group walks with other members for additional socialisation) - For online sessions discussion about socialisation and how to build your dog's confidence around dogs, people and different environments


* Discussion of issues like house training, play biting, chewing, general care etc.

Puppy Foundation and Foundation Courses

Madison 112005-8 250307-18 PUPPIES up to 20 weeks old DOGS from 5 months up to any age

If classes are not for you, we can arrange a Home Visit in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you, or help with an online session. Click HERE for more information.

If classes are not suitable, we may be able to arrange training on a 121 basis at a time that suits you or help with an online session. Click HERE for more information.

Due to Coronavirus, we are currently not running any classes in South Norwood and East Dulwich. As soon as we do, we will of course announce this here and make dates for registration available.

* In the comfort of your own home

* No travelling needed, so you don't have to be local!

* No vaccinations needed

* Suitable for absolutely all dogs


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MONDAY, 29th JUNE, 6 pm TUESDAY, 28th JULY, 6.30 pm